Surface Sanitizer 10oz

Surface Sanitizer 10oz

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At Simbae we use European & Australian ingredients including plant extracts, each selected to be safe for dogs & cats including pets with sensitive skin, all ingredients are sustainable and eco-friendly to our earth. Our Scents are made in France and are made of natural and organic extracts.

It is great to have your pets roam around your house, they may track in dirt and germs by using Simbae’s Surface Sanitiser to disinfect your soiled areas or their favorite spot. It is simple to use, quick to act and easy to wipe away, which means you can happily share your family space with your furry creatures.


Alcohol-free and is safe to be used around dogs & cats
Dual Action, odor control and sanitizing properties
Two-Step application, spray & wipe away.


Spray onto the surface and immediately wipe away with a dry or wet cloth. Suitable for all surfaces. Use this product to clean surfaces, not to be used on pets.

Spring Garden is an intermingling of floral aromas consisting of Lavender, Jasmine, Lily of the Valley and Violets - balanced with a Milky Powder. This collection of fragrant blossoms is the embodiment of love, care, and generosity.