What was your “ah ha” moment?

Every morning before I do anything, I sit and meditate. Currently, I’m doing a seven day series with Sean Kelly, an international musician, author, meditation teacher, and corporate trainer. He specializes in teaching organizations and individuals how to use more of the mind’s infinite potential. (Google him, he’s amazing).

This morning’s meditation was quite profound and I felt I just had to share. Today, as I reflect on questions that help find inspiration to grow closer to your inner truth, the theme today was “What to Be?” The question that was being repeated over and over again was “what did you want to be when you were little?” Well, I wanted to be everything, but mostly a Veterinarian and something in the fashion industry. By answering this question, apparently it’s supposed to show you what your hearts desire to do in life is- well, my ah ha moment is reflected in this picture. I already knew that I love what I do now, and to actually reflect and to see that in each picture I’m holding an animal or trying to dress it up, is truly profound. I feel so lucky to work with dogs and in the fashion industry. It’s the little things. 💛
PS the picture of me in the tiara is after I won a pageant, but was crying because I wanted my kitten and couldn’t take it with me!

- Ashley Carestia 


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