Law Would Require Germans to Walk Dogs Twice a Day

Germany may soon roll out a law requiring dog owners to walk their pets at least twice a day.

The regulation would be included in the Hundeverordnung, or Dogs Act, the Guardianreports. It’s being introduced by Julia Klöckner, Germany’s agriculture minister.

Dogs would have to be taken outside for at least an hour a day in total.

The concern is that many of the country’s more than 9 million dogs are not getting adequate exercise and attention.

“Dogs are not cuddly toys,” Klöckner was quoted saying. “They also have their own needs, which need to be taken into account.”

Klöckner’s goal is to introduce the law next year. The proposal is now a hot topic in Germany.

“I find it patronising to be told how long I should take my dog out for,” one dog owner was quoted saying. “And who is going to check up on me?”

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